“When Black Friday comes,” predicted Donald Fagan, low-key frontman of the world’s most popular band named after a literary sex-toy, Steely Dan. “I’ll collect everything I’m owed. And before my friends find out, I’ll be on the road.”

The obvious flaw in this plan, of course, is that there’s a good chance that whatever vehicle it was in which Mr Fagan was planning to leave town would have gone missing on Black Monday – and not been recovered during the intervening three days.

The latest press release from Retainagroup claims that no fewer than 681 people reported their vehicles stolen on (Black) Monday 26 July, and that barely half of these individuals will ever see their vehicles again.

You can greatly reduce the risk of having your ride purloined, of course, by not driving a Ford Transit – the number-one choice of ride purloiners. In fact, more than 10% of the vehicles stolen on Black Monday (26 July 2010) were “vans, pick-ups and other light commercial vehicles.”

But owners of newer more car-like vehicles shouldn’t feel complacent either, Retinagroup argues: “We are constantly told that car theft has fallen by 65% since the bad old days of the late 90s. But now immobilisers are a standard feature of newer cars, thieves have found new ways of stealing them, and more than 25% of vehicles stolen on Black Monday were 2007 or younger.”*

If all this has left you feeling a little nervous, fear not! Salvation is at hand.

Retainagroup offers a simple affordable solution to all your ride-purloinment worries. This involves registering your vehicle with the International Security Register, whose 24/7 phone number and a unique identifying code are chemically etched into the glass of its windows, thereby allowing instant verification online by public or police.

End result: risk of theft cut by 55% – prospect of recovery up by 42%.

Because they are ineradicable, Retainagroup’s markings also provide an effective deterrent against cloning – reckoned to affect between 70,000 and 80,000 UK motors annually. A quick (free) visit to www.ISRcodecheck.com soon confirms whether a vehicle has been stolen or cloned. Bingo!

Bankstone News cannot help thinking – in a purely impartial way – that this kind of peace of mind would surely provide a highly attractive added benefit to customers of motor insurance organisations of all kinds. And it’s eminently affordable, just so you know.

* This statistic presents an interesting contrast with human beings, of whom 100% are 2007 or younger. It’s different with vampires, obviously.


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