They deal in mysterious allusions over at Post Magazine.

Five Go Forth may or may not be the title of the great lost novel of naked tennis enthusiast Enid Blyton, or an allusion to the hidden masters of the Great White Brotherhood.

What we can say with certainty is that these words provide the titular introduction to a survey of the UK’s five leading legal expenses insurers (UKFLLEI) published this week in Post magazine.

In said article, Peter Joy, lid-lifter in chief at Insurance 360 looked at the standard of service and product provided by UKFLLEI.

How many brokers did I360 canvas? They “sent a detailed questionnaire to a full cross-section of UK broking professionals, asking them to grade and comment on the performance of the legal expenses insurers they used.

Although respondents mentioned around 20 providers, “Many proved to be small fry,” sniffed Joy Germanically. So they focused on the top five only. This elite comprised: Abbey Legal, Allianz, Arag, DAS and MSL.

Turns out they’re mostly much of a muchness, with one notable exception… Arag, the researchers claim, were “something of a revelation.” Their performance, Freud said, was “thoroughly convincing, scoring 80% for overall service” and higher still for “underwriting skills, documentation, legal advice, and quality of cover.”

Arag were consistently described in terms such as “helpful”, “instantly responsive,” “pragmatic,” “highly knowledgeable,” “open-minded” and “accommodating and flexible in their approach to working with us” — and generally “easy to do business with”.

“Founded in Dusseldorf in the 1950s,” Joy notes, “Arag has operated in the UK since 2006. Based in Bristol — close to both DAS and Allianz Legal Protection — it clearly has expansion in mind,” he warns.

Congratulations, then to Bankstone News’ friends at Arag – and thanks again for filling out those forms for us!

Anyone who would like to read Insurance 180’s report in full – not recommended if you’ve anything to do with Abbey Legal – can have a look at Post Mag online.


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