You’ve inevitably read this already elsewhere. But you surely can’t expect Bankstone News to keep its hands off this story. We just physically cannot, as Jeremy Clarkson would say. Shock new findings reveal that summer weather encourages ladies to cut back on their apparel coverage causing male drivers to become dangerously distracted.

So the mullahs had it right all along. Stick those ladies all in Burkas, and the 16% rise in claims made by men over the summer could be banished in an instant. And Ladies, you’ll find they’re cooler than they look, not really that cumbersome, and surprisingly modish these days. Any colour you like, of course, on the Henry Ford principle.

According to a report in the Telegraph it’s possible to distinguish between male road accidents and female road accidents. Their headline claims that Male road accidents soar in summer due to women’s short skirts. They illustrate this point with a charming photograph of an alluring young woman in a skimpy skirt standing in front of a dense stand of giant cacti – certainly a very hazardous scenario for the average red-blooded male tearing across the Arizona desert at high speed when suddenly surprised by such a spectacle.

The ground breaking research on seasonal attire-related male distraction (SARMD) was carried out by Sheila’s Wheels who claim that only 3% of women are distracted by bared flesh, compared with 29% of men.

Behavioural psychologist Donna Dawson told the Telegraph: “Men are more visually orientated and so distractions such as an attractive woman walking down the street can quickly take their attention away from driving and the job in hand.”



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