Bankstone News is always happy to admit it on the very rare occasions we get something wrong. In the spirit of frank openhandedness which has ever been our editorial hallmark here, we would now like to state with utter unequivocation that our suggestion that Sir Cliff Richard may previously have been a ‘rock and roll icon to Britain’s troubled youth’ was misleading, wrong, and possibly even a bit facetious.

We now fully accept that Sir Cliff Richard is, and always has been, some kind of alien freak and was never more than a pathetic apology for an icon of teenage rebellion.

We have always had a fond spot, however, for that film where he heads off on a road trip with his mates in a double-decker buss, gets into all kinds of scrapes and hooks up with all these birds in large bikinis. Can’t remember what it was called now, but it does somehow remind Bankstone News that we should probably mention we are off next week on our summer holidays. So don’t scour your inbox for Bankstone News next week. Because we won’t be there!


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