As regular readers will know, the planet-ravaging profligacy of charity events involving proper-sized bikes with proper-sized engines is not for Bankstone.

This year’s version of its regular YAA-supporting monkey bike marathon, Monkey Business, sees a modestly scaled fleet of modestly scaled motorcycles (obviously) touring the premises of around a dozen bike-related businesses the length and breadth of Yorkshire over the weekend of 18/19 September.

The latest firm to volunteer its hospitality as one of the stops along the way is independent consulting motor engineers, assessors and valuers Northern Assessors. Though justly proud of its northern roots, Northern Assessors now has a network of assessors and engineers that covers all parts of the UK.

When a geographically specific name becomes limiting, different firms react in different ways. Building societies don’t usually seem to worry. Insurers replace town-referencing names with crazy neologisms like Uvavu. Bankstone News notes, however, that Brit has yet to change its name to XPat or Van Den Brits or whatever.

Be that as it may, hats off to Northern Assessors for helping us raise valuable funds for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance and for keeping it real.


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