There’s more glad tidings for law-bending drivers this week, with the news that not having a valid driving licence need not prove an impediment to obtaining motor insurance. All you have to do is lie!

Which is precisely what almost one in five drivers do – according to a blind test carried out by the DVLA on behalf of the ABI. Only 1% of policyholders falsely claim to have a licence. Others lie about trivial details like where they live and whether they have points or previous convictions.

The ABI’s agenda here, of course, is to deny potential policyholders the opportunity of being economical with the veracité by gaining the right to access licence details from the DVLA direct.

Uvavu motor underwriting manager Nigel Bartman told Insurance Times this week that this approach would result in lower premiums for honest customers by cutting out potential fraud. “This is a key part of the jigsaw, and it’s important to keep it moving,” he explained confusingly.


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