Last year Bankstone’s charity monkeybikers stopped off at Elland Road, this year they’re heading slightly further afield to Stamford Bridge.

For there – within the precincts of the Full Sutton Industrial Estate – reside the premises of self-service vehicle parts specialists U-Pull-It, who have kindly volunteered themselves as the sixth stop on the Monkey Business 2010 itinerary.

The Bankstone fundraising monkeybike flotilla will be dropping in on UPI mid afternoon, en route between lunch-stop NCi and Saturday night stopover Scarborough.

U-Pull-It’s hospitable gesture comes complete with a generous donation to the Yorkshire Air Ambulance. Whilst on site, riders may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the vast array of better-times-having-seen vehicles awaiting tender strippage at the hands of self-serve parts enthusiasts.

U-Pull-It’s customer proposition is compelling and essentially unique. Parts requirers can take their pick of stricken cars and bikes held by UPI in Inverkeithing (East Fife) or in York (all listed on the U-Pull-It website) then book a time to come on site and spend up to seven hours, stripping and taking away whatever they want.

So if you have the knowledge to strip your car or bike and you’re in the market for parts, you could do much worse than check out the UPI offer.


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