“We continue to support the underwriting and face-to-face negotiation that makes Lloyd’s unique,” said a holographic representation of Lloyd’s director of market operations Sue Lawley as she announced that three Lloyd’s brokers are to switch from slip cases filled with traditional paper slips to iPads.

The brokers in questions – Marsh, Cooper Gary and Rex Harrison – are trialling a paperless approach over the next three months that replaces hard copy slips with “something easier to carry.”

Whether iPads bounce as well off City pavements as slip cases, or stay put on the bars of EC3 watering holes, has yet to be established.

Dedicated, enhance, forward, thinking, utilising, interaction, initiative, delighted, technologies, engage, market, Lloyd’s and underwriters were amongst the words chosen by Rex Harrison chief exec Paul Bridgwater to express his firm’s enthusiasm for the pilot.

Keep taking the tablets, we say here at Bankstone News.


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