Swiftcover has had enough.

The Iggy Pop fronted car insurance portal has declared, to quote an even older pop person, that it won’t get fooled again.

You apply to Swiftcover for motor insurance – you get your claims history checked out! Simple as that.

The firm has found that 10% of applicants are no better than filthy low-down lying tow-rags who fail to disclose their true claims history and – like as not – go on to make fraudulent claims.

Swiftcover claims that 60% of these dishonest policyholders move on after a year (such disloyalty!) to avoid getting caught. The rest, presumably are lazy as well as dishonest.

Swift Steve Gaywood, a man of whose name Bankstone News will not stoop to make fun, is taking a firm stand on this issue, claiming “Swiftcover is determined to crack-down on people who try and buck the system.”

More power to your elbow mate, says Bankstone News, pursuing a wearisome recent penchant of adding fatuous editorial comments at the end of its tediously uninformative stories.


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