The Wordwilde Interweb is abuzz this week with talk of Bankstone’s charity fundraising effort, Monkey Business, as participants and supporters struggle to contain their near-hysterical enthusiasm for the coming weekend’s monkeybiking extravaganza. Skies will be blue, collecting tins overflowing, and all Yorkshire athrob with the stirring sound of miniature motorcycle engines.

Among the individuals and organisations waving an electronic flag for Monkey Business are “the animal just got hotter’ people Bike Devil and participants Bikesure who have posted excellent stories both on their website and on their blog

The Yorkshire Air Ambulance website also includes a piece highlighting the involvement of the fluxsters and Saturday morning stop-off hosts Colin Appleyard keenly anticipate the arrival of some “nutters’ on their facebook page (don’t try this at work, obviously.)

US Attorney and free-speech advocate Kevin Bankston argues on that the Thai government’s attempts to block YouTube after the site posted a video clip portraying Thailand’s King Bhumibol Adulyadej as a monkey are doomed to fail ‘as US law ensures sites like YouTube are free to act as a platform for defamatory materials posted by users.’ Not sure about that last one actually.

Meanwhile, Bankstone director Dickon Tysoe is cheekily taking all the credit for the monkeys’ fundraising efforts down the years (see top fundraisers) and has elevated himself to the status of the YAA’s top justgiving fundraiser. Frightening to realise we’re all just prawns in his vainglorious masterplan.


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