What about training – I’ve heard it’s good. So runs the tenth of eleven FAQs featured on the Kwik Fit website’s careers section.

Oh yes, exclaims Kwik Fit in Churchillian style, agreeing heartily with its own question: “We have a custom-built Training Academy, running many different courses.”

Without wishing to sound complacent or anything, the KF site claims: “We pride ourselves in our commitment to training and developing our people, which helps to ensure we achieve our aim of 100% customer delight.”

So great is KF’s training, in fact, that the firm has decided to invest a further £1m on it after TV’s Watchdog found customer delight running significantly below the 100% mark due to rampant overselling at Kentucky Fried Fleet.

The firm is also planning to double the scale of its mystery shopper programme, which presumably means KFF staff will by mystified by nameless individuals making puzzling inquiries about getting some new tyres on their fleet vehicles, before melting mysteriously away.

Under tough new fleet sales director Peter Lambert, KFF told Fleet News this week that it operates a zero-tolerance policy on recommending unnecessary work. “The vehicles featured on Watchdog were older, had higher mileage, and little or no service history,” Pete protests. “There weren’t typical fleet cars. The last thing we would want to do is cut corners with our most loyal corporate customers.”

Perhaps they save that for their personal customers.


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