When it comes to temptation, Farhadi Farhadadi of myvouchercods.co.uk is something of an authority. Only a couple of weeks back, Bankstone News related FF’s comment that “If people are avoiding going through their insurance so their no claims bonus and premium won’t be affected, I can see why it’s tempting for many.”

Not content with that extraordinarily perceptive psychoanalytical leap, FF has jumped afresh into the mindset of Joe and Joanna Public this week, to no less affecting effect: “I can see why people would be tempted to try and get new products or items they didn’t have before,” he claims in myvulturecod’s latest headline-snaffling news release on household insurance fraud, “especially after a break-in, where claimants are no doubt just trying to create a silver lining.”

Bankstone News must remember that line next time we’re caught out in some heinous act of larceny. “But Your Honour, I’ve been having a tough time recently and I was only trying to create a silver lining!”

There’s not much can surprise Farhadadi Farhadadadi in fact. In a highly scientific poll conducted by myvulturecods.co.uk, more than half of all respondents said they had lied to line their nests, and a further quarter admitted they would if they thought they’d get away with it.

To you or I, Dear Reader, this might sound slightly shocking, but Farhadadi takes it in his stride. “I wasn’t surprised to see that a quarter had lied when claiming on their home insurance,” he observes laconically. So he probably wasn’t exactly bowled over to learn that
36% had lied when taking out their motor insurance policy.

Noting that insurers are doing things now like asking for receipts, FF concludes wryly that “People are evidently still being crafty.”

Say what you will, but Bankstone News has taken a bit of a shine to vulturecods’ new media star. Farhadadi’s empathetic and phlegmatic take on life’s little temptations, makes a refreshing change from the usual sanctimonious nonsense insurance people spout about how it’s naughty to lie and how honesty is always the best policy.

The best policy, as FF would no doubt see in a flash, is the one with a tempting silver lining.


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