Admirers of that fecund vein of East European humour based on crude racial stereotypes will no doubt be familiar with the one about a Ukranian, a Russian Latvian and a Greek Cypriot.

But – be warned – there’s nothing humorous about the sickeningly ghoulish version of that familiar tale with which Bankstone News is about to regale you.

For the trio of whom we speak are no ordinary people who speak a bit funny. No indeed, Vitaly Malaydakh, Elina Jaksone and Gagik Kyriacos Manucharyan, for it is they of whom we speak, stand accused of being that foulest of creatures, the ghost broker.

This is the story of how three unprincipled bloodsuckers preyed upon vulnerable communities by purporting to provide cheap motor insurance policies whilst covertly amending the paperwork to line their own ghastly pockets.

The FBI announced this week that this loathsome troika are charged with tax fraud and money laundering offences totalling £500,000. Not content with this level of lawlessness, they apparently had 30,000 “duty free” counterfeit cigarettes out the back of the shop.

Congratulations FIB, we say, on a fine piece of ghost broker busting!

Pictured above: Elina Jaksone aka Elina Kalnina (artist’s impression)


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