It’s always good to get some feedback – even if it is mildly abusive – and lately the Bankstone Newsdesk has been literally groaning with the weight of its straining mailsacks.

One excellent reader suggestion was that Bankstone News could feature a selection each week of the most enlightening and revelatory press statements made by industry figures – as sent in by our readers.

To set the bull roiling, so to speak, the reader in question submitted the following frank remarks from Ageas UK chief executive Barry Smith reported in Insurance Times: “Ageas UK’s retail capability has grown significantly over the last year reflecting our desire to work in partnership with our clients to develop commercial opportunities which benefit both customers and our businesses.”

If that doesn’t get capture your imagination, Bankstone News frankly doesn’t know what will!

So if you’ve read something particularly unusual or interesting in the papers recently, simply send it along to [email protected] and for every one we print, we’ll have a bit less work to do ourselves.



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