“I am Geraint Anwyl, a Chief Superintendent representing ACPO. I am the head of National Road Policing Intelligence,” Geraint Anwyl told the House of Commons Transport Committee earlier this month, going on to claim, as Insurance Times sub-editorialised it, “Expert Gangsters now rule cash for crash (says top cop).”

Yes, responsibility for organising an estimated 30,000 staged crashes in the UK each year now apparently rests with a highly professional network of “expert gangsters,” with doctors, solicitors, claims firms and “victims” all lined up ready to play their respective parts.

‘Major frauds that are now occurring are linked to organised crime,” Anwyl claimed candidly. Are the police having any luck tackling them? ‘If they were based in certain areas they would be easier to detect,” he explained, “but groups are moving around.”

What’s worse, fewer than 6,000 road safety officers in England and Wales are now “full-time road safety officers,” Anwyl revealed. And most of those are probably too busy pulling 400 uninsured vehicles off the road every day to be doing much about expert gangsters.

Frankly, if Bankstone News has to have someone pulling to an abrupt halt in front of them on a roundabout or slip road, we’d rather not be dealing with an amateur.


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