The great British public’s puzzling reluctance to let insurers charge more for motor cover – the cost of which has risen by a mere 33.3% in the past year according to the AA – is fueling the growing popularity of the practice known as fronting.

British insurers’ association the ABI, however, is concerned that those who allow young relatives to drive around a lot in vehicles registered in their name may be imperilling their future ability to purchase insurance cover.

A newly published survey conducted on the ABI’s behalf has found that 53% of Brits think fronting motor insurance purchase on behalf of younger, higher-risk people is OK or sort-of-OK. So, while insurers may not like it, the public vote seems to be pro-fronting.

Top Gear’s James May caused a storm recently when he suggested that pretending to be your dad might indeed be a good way to get a cheaper motor insurance quote over the phone. But…

“Trying to deceive your insurer is a false economy that will cost you, dear,” said the ABI’s Nix Darling. “Not being honest with your insurer could lead not only to you driving illegally but to financially crippling bills if involved in an accident, harder to obtain and more expensive future insurance and difficulties in accessing other financial products,” he intoned interminably.

Click here to read Bankstone News’ easy to follow but hopelessly out of date guide to fronting.


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