“I am the passenger,” observed Iggy Pop in days of yore. “I ride and I ride and I ride,” he insisted reiteratively.

None of which has even the slightest relevance to the following story, aside from the fact that it involves battery-hens-to-rock-legends motor insurance provider Swiftcover.

Swiftcover it was who this week revealed the perils of leaving the engine running while you nip back into your nice warm house on a smoke-breathed frosty morning.

Swiftcover it likewise was who reminded drivers that they “may not be able to claim” if they do this. Which is to say at least: they may claim all they like, but their claim will likely come to nought.

Swiftcover too were the people who knew that 2,000 thefts happen this way every year.

Robin Reamer, who directs the claims at Swiftcover, spread panic across the land with the stark announcement that: “People have an ‘it won’t happen to me’ attitude. In reality, it can and does happen anywhere in the UK.”


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