Websters Insurance Brokers has chosen outsourced claims firm Bankstone – regular readers may have heard of them – to provide a full-service external claims handling service to its customers.

Webster’s Jeremy Webster comments: “Our priority is giving our customers the best possible service. I am confident Bankstone are well placed to uphold that key objective. Having researched the claims handling market in detail, I am fully persuaded that Bankstone will deliver an efficient, professional and cost-effective service.”

Bankstone director Dickon Tysoe adds: “I am delighted Websters have chosen Bankstone, as their claims partners. We look forward to delivering a first-class claims handling service, helping Websters maximise their customer satisfaction and client retention whilst minimising operational costs.

“Websters and their customers will benefit from our market leading technology platform, our recently introduced advanced dashboard management information capabilities, and the exceptional knowledge and experience of our team – many of whose members come from a broking background themselves and so have a good understanding of Websters business requirements.”

About Websters

Founded in 1964, Websters have come along way from being a small family owned brokerage to a thriving multifaceted company specialising in most types of insurance. In 2000 Websters moved into purpose-built offices fully equipped with the latest e-commerce technology and telecommunications systems to enhance its service to clients.

Websters operates established schemes for motor, household, travel and commercial packages – combining true professionalism with a personal touch. The firm’s specialist motorcycle division Bikerline Direct is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of bike insurance, with an extensive network of dealers and a dynamic and innovative approach to marketing.


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