The perfectly formed insurance marketing quote of the week award this week goes to Mr Geoffrey Ashton of modelling-clay specialists DAS for the following gem: “The financial crisis has seen the need for business to have access to expert legal advice and assistance become a necessity.”

The financial crisis has doubtless witnessed many things, but when a need becomes a necessity, the disturbing implications for business are unmistakably clear. Everyone must purchase lots of legal expenses insurance – one is bound to conclude – and do so without delay.

The occasion for Mr Ashton’s elegantly crafted utterance was the announcement of an exciting tie-up between his firm DAS and leading provider of multiple unlocking solution options Keychoice Underwriting, whose MD Davey Jonathan added some historical perspective by explaining that: “Quality legal expenses cover has always been important for businesses and recent market research has highlighted that this is an area of increasing importance to SME businesses in particular as the economic climate remains uncertain.”

“DAS is delighted” – this is Mr Ashton again now – “to have been chosen by Keychoice Underwriting as a strategic partner to provide commercial legal protection to their brokers.”

And, let’s face it, we could also use a quality partner and a bit of strategy in these uncertain times.


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