Following the revelation last week (see link below) that discriminating between male and female drivers is to be outlawed, there are fears that the very act of underwriting could soon be deemed illegal.

In the face of alarming rumours that regionalist insurers have discriminated against home insurance applicants simply because they happen to live in so-called crime hotspots, that motor insurers penalise the young, and that life insurers are discriminating against the old and infirm, moves are afoot in Europe to put an end to the insidious practice of so-called ‘underwriting.’

French equality body Haute Autorité de Lutte contre les Discriminations et pour l’Egalité (the “lofty power struggling against discrimination and for equal rights”) has recently urged that anyone found to be discriminating in the French insurance market should be harshly brought to book. With three-year gaol sentences already on the statute book for sex discriminators, similar moves could soon be made across the continent – and by extension here in Blighty.

Watch this space.

Or if you grow tired of that, try reading last week’s insurance sex crime update here.


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