The Daily Mail offered top tips this week to Eastern European types shopping around for cheaper car insurance premiums. With no hint of Meerkatry involved, all you have to do, apparently, is register your vehicle back home in the former Soviet satellite of your birth, insure it there for a premium typically one seventh of what you could be paying here, then simply take it on a day trip to Calais every six months or so and keep your boarding card as ‘evidence’ of your vehicle’s recent foreign provenance should anybody question you. Simples!

Traffic police are aware that there’s some scamming going on but have taken a tactical decision to ignore it. One Kent policeman told the Mail “It’s become a running joke that when you pull over an Eastern European car the driver takes a boarding card from the glove compartment. We know what they’re up to, but the choice is either spending hours or days sometimes building a case against them or using the time to deal with more serious offences.” Law officers should now brace themselves for a multitude of Middle Englanders with foreign plates brandishing glovebox boarding cards and sporting specious Slavic accents.


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