There is a fable or a parable or something of the sort of which Bankstone News can muster no clear recollection in which three wise men are consigned to a darkened room in company with an elephant.

Upon emerging, each describes encountering a markedly different kind of beast depending – as with the comedy groping game on A Question of Sport – on which part of the pachyderm’s anatomy they had encountered. Thus proving God knows what.

Which leads on logically enough to the story of what happened when 10 highly respected academics encountered professor Kenneth ‘Ken’ Oliphant of Bristol University in a bid to get to grips with Lord Jackson’s proposed civil justice reforms.

Their snappily entitled report “On a Slippery Slope – a Response to the Jackson Report” summarily rejects Lord J’s assumption that excessive costs can be attributed primarily to the use of conditional fee agreements, branding his proposals ‘inconsistent with the fundamental principle of civil justice’ i.e. full compensation for wrongfully inflicted injuries.

So that’s settled then. Let’s hear no more about these crazy changes.


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