The list of confirmed participants for Bankstone’s Medieval Monkey’s charity ride round Yorskshire castles continues to lengthen.

The latest company to sign up is UK Independent Medical (UKIM) whose software project manager (formerly operational software architect) Allan Totty is the proud owner of the magnificent monkey pictured below.

UKIM plan to enter at least one bike (possible as many as two), presumably with Mr Totty in the saddle at least part way round the various Ridings.

A two or three hundred mile tour of ancient Yorkshire fortresses will be as nothing to the mighty Allan, a veteran of countless previous charity rides – including three years on the classic Boundary 500 event.

Alan’s profile on the UKIM website tells us that he likes real ale, barbeques, things with engines and playing cards – at least two of which we can probably guarantee during MM2011.

Welcome to the Monkeybiking Middle Ages, Allan. May your tabard be unblemished though your firkin overfloweth


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