From a mere glint in the eye of maverick geniuses like Tim Berners-Lee, the Internet has grown like Topsy, only more so, to the point where it threatens to consume all in its path.

Hot on the heels of news last week that Google has snapped up, now web development and online marketing firm Vast Visibility has gobbled up bike insurance comparison site The Bike Insurer.

The directors of Vast Visibility have shocked the world of bike insurance by insisting that they “are extremely excited about our future plans and the prospect [of] developing the bike insurer business further to the benefit of all involved.”

With former SSP business development director Andy Wiseman installed at the helm, and Vast Visibility promising to introduce a range of exciting innovations such as improvements to website functionality, developments in the user journey, MI reporting and a mapping refresh (Bankstone News has no idea what any of this means btw), it seems there’ll be no stopping the original two-wheeled aggregator now.

Much as Bankstone News would like to toss off of some of its stock in trade sarcastically scathing remarks – we really can’t. Anyone glancing down at the bottom right hand corner of this page will understand why.

So vast is the vastness of Vast Visibility, there’s really no way of escaping it.


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