Medieval Monkey mania continues to sweep the land as Bankstone and friends gird their collective loins for this year’s round-Yorkshire charity monkey bike weekend in July.

The latest missive from Monkey-Lord Dickon Tysoe, clarifies that although all riders and supporting cast are strongly encouraged to dress medieval, knightly garb is far from the only option.

Those who fancy something a little less martial are welcome to attire themselves as peasants, serfs, damsels, jesters, monk(ey)s etc. But if you say you’re coming as a peasant, please don’t turn up looking like a serf!

Reporting back following a top-level charity fundraising summit, Dickon told Bankstone News “It as was also suggested after a couple of beers last night that riders could come as Lady Godiva.”

Not the most practical suggestion for a British summer you might think; but wait: “Those of you who took part in the Monkey Moviestars run in 2009,” Dickon continues, “will remember Kevin dressed in the naked lady suit for the Calendar Girls enactment at the Cow and Calf rocks.”

Those of you who weren’t, may or may not wish to glance briefly at the rather disturbing image below, which features YAA mascot Bernie the Bear getting friendly with the aforementioned Lady Kevin.

“If we can find the suit,” Dickon offers iffishly, “and it will fit over your leathers, you are more than welcome to wear it for the ride, if the fancy takes you.”

Another suggestion to emerge from the aforementioned summit, Dickon reports, is “taking a set of stocks with us to enable punishment to be meted out at each stop for any minor misdemeanours committed along the way. Passing members of the public could be charged 20p a time to chuck stuff at the miscreant – with the proceeds used to boost our charity coffers.”

“Suggestions for what could be thrown are welcome,” Dickon continues. “Tomatoes have been suggested, and, depending upon who is in the stocks, we may even take them out of the tin!”

You can’t say fairer than that, Bankstone News is fully prepared to accept.


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