Would you like to ‘get intimate with the key players in UKGI?’ That is the enticing prospect held out by newly redesigned industry mag Insurance Times.

‘We give you access to what the GI elite know and their deals at the top of the market,’ the paper boasts, which will certainly be interesting once we get out of the current trough.

The new-format paper appears to have been rapturously received in the GI market (saying GI a lot is very much the thing to do these days for those of us in the know). Insurance Times Editor Ellen Bennett claims to have received so many complimentary messages she has been able to construct some kind of raft out of them.

‘As editor of Insurance Times,’ she says, ‘I am truly delighted with the feedback from the launch of the new format magazine last week.” GI people are apparently falling over one another to tell Ms Bennett ‘how much quicker it is to get to grips with the key issues.’ The emails she finds ‘most pleasing’ however are from ‘people giving details of how well it meets their information needs as a professional in general insurance.’ It would certainly be fascinating to hear more about those details.

What other amazing abilities will the new publication confer on its reader? For one thing it will allow them to get “quickly up-to-speed with the most important UKGI news over 7 days,” which doesn’t sound that quick to Bankstone News; but what do we know?

Ingeniously the magazine’s agenda straddles the concerns of ‘GI leaders of today and tomorrow,’ and contains ‘issues that will get you talking.’ A special trial offer offers access to four ‘issues’ for just £24.95. Click here for further details.

For those on restricted budgets, however, Bankstone News has reiterated its commitment to remaining completely free of charge and can guarantee that anyone who reads it will end up none the wiser.


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