The gnomes of Zurich are known for their gnomic knowledge. That and sitting on big stacks of other people’s money. Quite whose no-one knows but the gnomes. Zurich Insurance may also now know something no-one else knows i.e. that the motor insurance market in 2011 is ‘a game of two halves.’

Inspired by this inside-track knowledge, the firm has announced plans to get back into personal lines motor in the latter part of 2011. Even the most pie-obsessed and inattentive spectators will have noted how – following a run of disappointing results – motor insurers have been played off the pitch by Claims Cheats United in the first 90 minutes. But, after some changing room chat at half time, it’s all going to be very different come July, claims Zurich personal lines manager Karl Bedlow.

Speaking exclusively to Insurance Times (they really are the people top GI types turn to when they want to unburden their souls – or engage in tenuous footballing analogies), Beds noted laboriously that “We need to get through the process of making sure we’ve got all the capabilities we need, and the proposition and delivery designed in the right way, then we’re looking to enter the market again in a more substantial growth phase in the second half of 2011.”


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