The popular passtime of keying provides endless hours of harmless fun for scallywags and guttersnipes the length and breadth of Britain. But have you ever wondered which cars attract most scrapage?

Nor had Bankstone News until musician-friendly insurance provider Swiftcover happened along with the press-stopping revelation that street urchins can’t abide a German motor. Excepting rogue entries from Lexus and Mazda (at one and six respectively), all 10 vehicles in Swiftcover’s vandal magnet top ten index are of Teutonic stock.

Beemers predominate, with Z4 at two, X5 at seven and 525 and 530 in at nine and ten. Along with the Merc CLK (4) and the Audi TT (5), a Mini One (3) and (strangely) a Skoda Octavia (8), that’s the full top ten for ya.

What have these cars got in common, you may muse? There are (mostly) what Swiftcover likes to term “prestige cars” or “executive cars.” These are vehicles that make a statement about their owners – a statement to which persons carrying grudges and/or sharp objects may occasionally feel prompted to respond.

Swiftcover claims director Robin Reamer suggests motorists with a penchant for prestige can avoid having their vehicles targeted by not leaving them on the street. But do you really need that poncey car, Sir? “We hope the index gives some insight for those considering their next car,” Reamer hints unsubtly.

Another insurance firm with a sw, Swinton to be precise, has noted meanwhile that many Brits may already be sidestepping the keying crowd by opting for distinctly unthreatening fuel-efficient cars.. A Swinton survey found that 57% of drivers said fuel efficiency was their number one priority when buying a new car.

Swinton’s top ten fuel sippers include the the Smart Fartoo cdi (85.6 miles per gallon) and the Skoda Fabio Greenline (83.1). The Audi A3 1.6 TDI offers 78mpg, but might just still get scraped.


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