What a great publication Insurance Times is and how interesting it was to read in it this week about the fabulous wealth amassed by some of those leading-light type individuals who stand out like brilliantly inspiring beacons amidst the general gloom of this lacklustre industry.

Hastings chairman Neil Utley now officially ranks as a tycoon according to IT, having newly entered the top 1000 of much-quoted envy guide the Sunday Times Rich List. Specifying a figure would be vulgar, but let’s just say he’s supposedly worth more than £159m, but less than £161m, and now ranks equal 750th in the STRL.

This seems a good time to stress that Bankstone News has always felt the deepest possible respect and admiration for Mr Utley, regarding him as an exemplar of all that is finest and noblest in a human being – and possibly even the source of a few quid if Bankstone News can think of a good way of asking.*

Someone else Bankstone News has always admired and respected is millionairess-85-times over Hayley Parsons. The opera-loving founder of Go Compare is now the 20th richest person in Wales and officially “very rich indeed” for a woman.

And talking of inspiration, what about that Henry Engelhardt?! There’s a guy. A guy who ranks equal 120th in the STRL, with £640m just lying around. Bankstone News has always really liked him.

Bankstone News also quite likes Peter Cullum (178th equal with £450m), Peter Wood (equal 457th with £150m) and Grahame Chilton (776th on £93m).

*Possibly not the rather public and less than successful way attempted on Alan Sugar in front of a large audience at the BIBA conference yesterday by “one of the world’s leading make-up artists.”


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