Who was that mysterious woman hanging around the BIBA Conference in Manchester this week? Why none other than IIB’s Barbara Bradshaw. What was she doing there?

The mystery lasted no longer than the opening address from BIBA chairperson Patrick “Because the night” Smith, who stunned delegates by announcing that BIBA and IIB are talking about merging to form a new broker body called, presumably, BIIIBBA.

“I strongly believe that in the new regulatory environment one voice within the broking sector is needed,” commented BIBA chief exec Eric Gullbreath. “And that voice is mine,” he barely refrained from adding.

Barbara Bradshaw added: “There are major challenges ahead for brokers, and the IIB considers that, in the current economic and regulatory environment, the time is right for the two organisations to build further on the collaborative working that has already been taking place.”

Where would insurance soundbites be without the word environment?


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