Insurers are milking motorists. That was the outrageous allegation made this week by rogue MP Rodger Godsnif.

Speaking in a parliamentary debate earlier this week, the Birmingham MP made the bizarre claim that the “cost of insurance concerns everybody who owns and drives a car.”

Bankstone News, for one, would be very interested to see the evidence based on which he could possibly justify such a claim.

As murmurs of consternation rose around the house, he went on to suggest that safe drivers are being hit because of the insurance industry’s “cheap and easy” reliance on “postcode charging” and “box-ticking premiums.”

Insurers, he fulminated intemperately, are taking advantage of the fact that motor insurance is compulsory, and are just pretending not to be making any money.

“I pick my words carefully,” he blurted wildly, “when I say, to put it bluntly, that having looked into the issue and considered many representations from constituents whose motor insurance premiums have gone through the roof, I think the motor insurance industry is just milking the motorist.”

Insurers, Goodsnif said, are “giving scant regard to an individual’s personal circumstances because they know that to drive on the highway, someone has to have insurance. Motorists are trapped and the industry can do what it wants.”

Which apparently is milking.

Illustration courtesy Luke Warmwater


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