Recuperating from the rigours of Medieval Monkey riding, Bankstone bigwig Dickon Tysoe has been grabbing some well-deserved R’n’R in sunny Majorca.

Far from filling a quiet news week with our beloved leader’s holiday snaps, we are telling you this because we knew you would want to know, and take solace from learning, that – in the brief available intervals between heroic bouts of bacchanalian hedonism in the fleshpots of Magaluf – Mr T put his time on the holiday island to good use improving his notoriously inadequate golfing skills (see previous story).

As the attached image clearly testifies (if you look really closely at the sky), DT succeeded on at least one occasion in hitting the round thing with the sticky thing and propelling it gloriously skyward. The secret of Dickon’s newfound prowess with a golf stick? Apparently it’s all down to “special shorts.” Intriguing!

Meanwhile the Medieval Monkeys totaliser has crept past the half-way point (see JustGiving panel below left). That’s one lifesaving helicopter funded for one day. Or two for half a day each. Which is good. But not good enough. (If you have no idea what we’re talking about, please see stirring tales of charitable fundraising derring-do in Bankstone News of yore).

So please have another look down the back of the sofa and see if you can dredge up something to assist us in our dogged limp towards the totaliser finish line.



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