South Korean motor insurers are braced for a tsunami of high-value claims after floods left much of Seoul underwater this week. The well-heeled Gangnam District and other affluent neighbourhoods in southern Seoul were particularly badly affected, with hundreds of BMW, Mercedes, Lexus and other luxury vehicles caught up in the floods.

Meanwhile in Ireland, the AA has revealed detailed statistics on animal road deaths. The number one and two target critters respectively were perennial favourites dogs and cats, followed by an array of woodland creatures headed by rabbits, foxes, badgers and hedgehogs. Four out of ten Irish drivers have hit at least one animal at some point.

AA Insurance spokesman Colin Farrell said “One AA member said they faced €600 worth of repairs having sadly hit a badger.” Other members confessed to hitting sheep, deer, cows and donkeys.

“If you see large animals on or near the road,” the AA suggests, “you should slow down and proceed with caution.” You should also “avoid throwing food out of car windows, as this is likely to entice animals.”


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