The government’s so busy coming up with crazy new ideas these days, it can sometimes seem hard to keep up. But fear not: you can count on comparison site to chop through the chaff to the crucial kernel of core-type stuff you really need to know.

With the coalition government proposing that local councils should charge people who want to dig holes in roads a “lane rental fee” at “peak times”, has put the matter to the people’s vote – asking 2,000 UK drivers whether they think this is a good idea or not.

Astonishingly, fully 49% of drivers think “it’s a good plan and they can’t wait to see it happen,” and just 48% think it’s not a very good idea because notorious holsters like utility companies will simply pass on the costs to consumers.

Confusing man Garth Klot put things in perspective concluding simply that: “if these proposals reduce traffic jams, then car owners will have something to smile about.”

Confusing “energy expert” Lisa Greenfield adds helpfully: “The last thing customers want is any sort of extra ‘tax’ which they may end up paying. Further hikes in utility costs would be unpleasant.”

Bankstone News supposes they probably would.


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