A day late for pinching or punching, Bankstone News nonetheless wishes you a very warm welcome back to the must-read eZine de nos jours as we enter the ever-popular season of myths and mellow fruitlessness. We’ve been away for a couple of weeks, you know. So if you think any of the stories this week are slightly past their sell-by date, that’s because we were absolutely determined to carry on exactly as before.

What are our predictions for autumn? Orange cars mysteriously decline in popularity, days get shorter, fuel prices soar, power cuts become routine, house prices slump, feral PI paralegals roam the streets, Jedward split, Lib Dems quit, fall-out from terror-struck Rhone nuclear plant threatens major population centres, US establishes security zones in Canada and Mexico, mystery plague sweeps Southern Europe as migrant crisis worsens, final collapse of global economic system, that kind of thing, probably.

Week by week, Bankstone News will guide you through the finer points of just exactly how all this affects the world of motor insurance claims. Should be quite a ride. Glad to have you along!


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