In what has been a literally shocking week for astonishing news stories, LV= car insurance has revealed that an amazing one in twenty UK drivers would be prepared to swap penalty points for love, money or some combination of the two.

Since 2001, the LV=rs calculate, approximately 300,000 drivers have lied by claiming they were driving a friend or partner’s car when that friend or partner was caught speeding. Their motivation generally appears to have been to avert a speeding-induced ban, by redistributing penalty points where they can more easily be borne. Who knew such things went on.

But LV= man John O’Ruoarkie warned that swapping points is bad and that new cameras will catch out those who do it. “Penalty points are designed to deter drivers from repeatedly breaking the law and to penalise those who do,” he droned interminably.

“Police know that drivers take on points and have direct access to the DVLA data where they can look at anyone’s driving record to compare photos. Swapping points is more serious than people realise and it will be much harder for them to get away with it once the new speed cameras are rolled out.”

So be warned! And remember: if you are the sort of person who thinks they might be getting up to any of this sort of nonsense, LV- will almost certainly not want to have anything to do with you.


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