Congratulations to Doug Sloan of Bankstone’s good friends Premex whose Woodhouses village cricket side (hailing from the Manchester-Oldham hinterlands) triumphed over Rottingdean in the final of the Persimmon National Village Cup held at Lords on Sunday (4 September).

Doug is something of a veteran in a side with an average age in the low 20s. Writing in The Times about Woodhouses’ semi-final victory over Sessay, some obscure former Woodhouses cricketer named Mike Atherton recalled playing in the same team as Doug back in the 80s.

His ancient decrepitude, however, did not prevent Doug making a key contribution to his team’s semi-final victory, knocking up a crucial 25 quick-fire runs in the latter stages of Woodhouses’ 40-over innings, where his batting partner young star Josh Tolley could manage only 78 runs off 79 balls.

In a final cut considerably short by inclement weather over the weekend, Woodhouses were generally adjudged the only team in the resulting 10-over shoot out, with 17-year old Nick Doyle hitting 63 from 31 balls as his contribution to an impressive 113 run total. In response, dissolute southern types Rottingdean could manage only 54 for 8.

In the accompanying photo, you’ll see Doug proudly holding the trophy aloft, surrounded by his Premex-branded team mates. Not only are Premex one of the UK’s leading providers of medico legal reports and services to the legal profession and the insurance industry and proud sponsors of the UK’s leading village cricket team, they are also certified good eggs, having generously donated £750 to Bankstone’s Medieval Monkeys charity fundraising spectacular this summer, a cause to which you might very well wish to consider donating yourself i.e. donating some money yourself (via online donation thingy, rather than literally donating yourself. Frankly, we doubt Yorkshire Air Ambulance would know what to do with you. Perhaps you’d raise a quid or two at auction. Maybe someone would pay a modest ransom or something.

Maybe not.


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