As someone who has doubtless already donated generously to life-saving chopper-wielding charity Yorkshire Air Ambulance (not too late if you haven’t – see below), you will probably be keen to know what fine feats all your hard earned cash has gone to fund.

Lucky for you, then, that reality-TV favourite Helicopter Heroes returns to small screens across the UK from next Monday (12 September) as our eponymous airborne heroes resolutely rush the sick and injured from place to place around the Yorkshire region, funded in some small part by the monkeybike-riding charity fundraising efforts of Bankstone and friends.

Airing at 9:15am on BBC 1, HH runs every weekday for a full four weeks into early October. Pre-publicity suggests we’ll see “exciting real-life rescue missions with air ambulance crews working alongside their ambulance service colleagues on the ground, mountain rescue, the police, fire and rescue services as well as coastguards to help rescue and treat patients.” In other words: an action packed thrill-a-minute ride featuring an unusually diverse cross-section of emergency services personnel. Ray Wildthing presents.

“The BBC Helicopter Heroes team work and fly with the YAA pilots and paramedics all year round,” said BBC editor Ian Cundall. “And we hardly get in the way at all,” he might have added.

Notwithstanding its notorious role in saving the life of Total Wipeout presenter Richard Hammond, we’re sure you will agree that YAA do a splendid job. Sure too that whenever you can this month you will want throw a sicky, ‘work from home’ or whatever so you can catch all the chopper-based action as soon as it airs.

If you can’t face that, why not simply pop along to and donate more money so the YAA can Carry On up the Airport.

If you don’t you’ll be almost as much of a sourpuss as TV presenter Jeremy Kyle who, allegedly, declined to appear in HH after the YAA was called to an accident allegedly involving his alleged car on the A1, because, allegedly, HH went up against his own show on ITV and could have hurt him in the ratings war.


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