Whilst on the subject of firms making generous donations in support of Bankstone’s Medieval Monkeys charity fundraising exploits (see previous issues), on to which topic we may inadvertently have strayed last week in discussing Premex’s recent village cricket sponsoring triumph (see previous issue), it would surely be wrong of us not to pay tribute to the excellent people at Macclesfield-based Thorneycroft Solicitors and in particular MD Rachel L Stow.

She it was who spoke recently at a seminar convened by the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust (BIRT) on the subject of ‘Mental capacity from a legal perspective.’ The invitation to speak at this august gathering stemmed from Rachel’s extensive involvement of late in the world of brain injury, and her firm’s rapidly expanding role in the arena of brains and brain claims.

In a well received presentation to more than 50 ‘key professionals’ (who may have strayed in from a locksmiths’ convention nearby), she provided a perceptive and enlightening discourse upon the divers implications of the Mental Capacity Act 2005, as well as commenting on issues ‘related to the areas of relationship and lifestyle choices.’

Rachel reports receiving highly positive feedback, including the following most gratifying observation from event organiser and fellow speaker Dr Ivan Pitman, consultant in Neuropsychology and Rehabilitation at host institution Redford Court, who noted: ‘We are delighted to have worked with Thorneycrofts to provide such a successful event. This is Redford Court’s third annual seminar, and feedback from delegates has shown that the subjects we addressed were extremely useful for professionals working in brain injury.’

Bankstone News readers can find out more about Thorneycroft and its wide range of services at www.thorneycroftsolicitors.co.uk. While you’re there, why not read the latest edition of their newsletter, which includes the hair-raising story of an impecunious biker client who ended up with tractor tyre tracks right across his back, a crumpled cocyx, and a full payout including hire charges of £8,000.

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