Those who smarm and snarl their way to the tippiest top of the tallest corporate ladders get to join an exclusive club with loads of appealing perks.

Perks like getting an average 50-odd-% annual remuneration uplift while the global economy crumbles around them. What unfortunate timing, then, for everybody in a senior position in the insurance industry to suddenly find themselves out of a job this week.

McManus left Willis last Thursday

A press release footnote revealed

Surplus to needs at RFIB

Marshall King was the next one to leave

Groupama’s Azema was shown out to his car

He’d gone far, but so far – and no further

And there’s more – but I’m bored now – the end.

It was indeed, as Lynn Rouse from whose ‘multiple maelstroms’ thesis in this week’s Post magazine Bankstone News drew inspiration for this story (i.e. lazily plagiarized it), as if the entire top tier of the insurance industry had been suddenly dragged into a giant seething whirlpool and sucked beneath the turbid waters to emerge who knows where and when again.

But, as the saying goes, it’s an ill maelstrom that slucks no good, and for every executive subjected to a precipitate and involuntary immersion in the inky dark waters of corporate ejection there’s another tossed up on the sunlit shores of career goal advancement.

For instance, someone called Wilkinson is now Head Wookie at Willis “or sutin.” Best consult a proper news publication if you really need to know.


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