The latest battle in the eternal struggle between the forces of egg integrity and omelette making seems to be going the way of the latter, with HMG considering abolishing annual MOT testing. Quibblers carp that moving to biennial testing will kill 250 and injure thousands more; but, frankly, just think of the savings!

Now a flippy-floppy phallanx of faint-hearted flipper flappers including Brake, the RAC, Halfords, KwikFik, Uvavu and Alcoholics Anonymous have ganged together to oppose the government’s latest modest proposal and insist MOTs should remain yearly after Year 3.

Mobbing Transport Secretary Justine Greebling like she’s just ignored a blatant penalty, these lily-livered bleeding hearts are needlessly muddying the waters of policy decision-making with shrill and irresponsible talk of clapped-out-car-wrought carnage on our roads. How utterly sad and predictable!

Calling themselves PRO-MOTE (geddit) they’ve pulled together some shabby little tome entitled “Dangerous, Expensive and Unwanted: The case against reducing MOT frequency”, which bleats on incoherently about all the hideous evils that turning a blind eye to lax vehicle maintenance will supposedly unleash.

As Justine Greebling’s warm-up act Phil “Top Gear” Hammond recently announced, before moving on a fill a Fox-shaped hole as Minister of War, all the government is looking to do is “reduce the burden of the MOT test.” And, let’s face it, we’ve all suffered long enough under that miserable yoke!

So what if there’s a tad of collateral damage around the edges? Is it really so important to keep 40,000 mechanics in work when all they do is stick their oily noses in where nobody wants them? Let’s face it, if a two-yearly test really does unleash carmageddon, they’ll have new jobs to go to repairing all that crash damage.

So, come on Justine, don’t let the busybody do-gooders deflect you! Hack away like fury at the hope-occluding red tape jungle that hold this nation back from greatness!


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