Leading UK motorcycle accident provider BLD confused the hell out of Bankstone News this week by claiming to have brought two paint shops together under an umbrella.

Initially nonplussed by this seemingly outlandish announcement, Bankstone News has since ascertained that Ringworm-Hants-based BLD has in fact bought a firm called Altamura Concepts, which – rather than dealing in abstract mental constructs – actually does things with motorcycles, such as painting them, applying decals to them, and even repairing them.

In fact, the closer one looks into it, the more it appears that the word ‘Concepts’ seriously underplays the true breadth of Altamura’s capabilities.

“We can take your ideas” (it gets better) “and take them from concept to completion,” the Altamura website explains, seemlingly reluctant to relinquish the realm of ideas for that of practical execution, but getting there eventually, which is all that really matters at the end of the day, if you think about it.

“We are equally experienced in providing designs for everything from a fairing to a helmet,” the site continues – negligently omitting, you might think, to specify what the extent of this evenly-distributed experience might actually be.

But if you know BLD, you’ll know they know their onions, so Altamura’s experience is probably quite impressive in both the fairings and the helmet departments – and doubtless at all points in between.

Anyway, they’ve bought them now, thus bringing Altamura’s and their own not-to-be-sniffed-at motorcycle embellishing capabilities together under a single figurative umbrella spanning both the piney bungaloid hinterlands of the Dorsetshire Riviera and Camberley’s charming Yorktown Industrial Estate, whereat BLD will gain the added benefits of an additional location for some of its extensive fleet of hire bikes and a capital-proximate staging post in its irresistible onward march to total motorcycle domination.

“Altamura Concepts is widely recognised as the best motorcycle custom paint shop in the UK,” notes BLD managing director Jason Richards, who intends preserving the Altamura brand under the BLD umbrella. “The new location will also improve customer service for direct retail bike customers looking for servicing, MOT and custom paint services,” he adds, as well as delivering “immediate service improvements for our customers’ policyholders as well as operational efficiency for BLD.

So all pretty good, really.


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