Brits’ willful and misguided attempts to continue owning and driving cars have helped bring about an astonishing increase in personal indebtedness that will see the average UK family owing twice as much in unsecured borrowings by this time next year as it did this time last year.

Latest figures from Aviva Family Finances (available now from all good toy and games retailers, ages 7 to adult, batteries not included) show that the typical UK family now owes £7,944 (32% of the average national income) on credit cards and other unsecured borrowing, compared with £5,360 a year ago.

For those who persist in driving, fuel and insurance costs are clearly a significant part of the problem. Consumer advisory body, the Forum on Unsecured Credit is now advising those living in towns and cities or otherwise within easy reach of dependable public transport links to give up their cars if they wish to avoid severe financial hardship and/or imminent personal ruin.

Those having trouble kicking the habit are advised to stay home and invest in a good driving simulation rig for their PC, X-Box or Playstation or watch Top Gear repeats on Dave.


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