Prime Minister David Cameron has cruelly snubbed a courageous young entrepreneur who reached out for help in his hour of need. The Liverpool Daily Echo this week highlighted yet another young business person whose dreams have been trampled by the collective indifference of central government and greedy corporations.

Runcorn-based gardening enthusiast Stefan Casson, 22, holds a Level 2 Diploma in Horticulture, has his own uniform, and plans to invest £2,000 in some ropy old van in which to cart around the tools he’s bought with a couple of £500 grants.

Or rather he did – until he saw his dreams dashed upon the altar of corporate greed and Westminster indifference. Quoted £3.5k by Comparethemeerkat and £4.5 by GioCompario for his motor insurance, Casson says: “I emailed David Cameron, who still has not got back to me.”

“I am trying to better myself in life and move forward, but I cannot. I am trying to open my own business doing what I love, which is gardening,” Mr Casson explained. Can that be too much to ask for? Apparently it can.

Mr Casson is pretty clear why he’s been cold-shouldered by insurers: “I believe the reason the insurance is so high for me is because some companies are ageist.”

Has David Cameron bothered to get his head out of fat cat insurers’ “pockets” for long enough to challenge them on the issue of ageism? Has he had the simple courtesy to respond to Mr Casson’s email?

In each case the answer is a simple damning: no he probably hasn’t, as far as Bankstone News knows.

Hopefully by the time you read this some enlightened insurance provider’s PR department has recognised a golden opportunity when they see one and provided the self-bettering Mr Casson with a non-ageist quote. It’s never a bad thing having a decent contact on the local paper.


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