Weirdly named insurer Ageas, has struck an exciting deal to plaster its weird name all over the famous Pasadena Rose Bowl or possibly some other Rose Bowl somewhere in Hampshire or something.

Weirdly named Barry Smith of Ageas, said that Ageas would be doing something called partnering with the Bowl in question. “We are delighted to be partnering with The Rose Bowl team to launch The Ageas Bowl,” he said, forgetting that he’s now supposed to call them the Ageas Bowl team.

Smith believes that partnering with the Ageas Bowl, which hosts a number of prestigious events including concerts and family events will make a nice platform. “This partnership provides us with an excellent platform,” he said, “to continue to raise the profile of the Ageas brand.”

Bowl man Rod Bransgrove added that the partnering will improve the experience of “the tens of thousands of people who use the venue each year for their weddings, Christmas parties, conferences and events.”


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