Bike Insurance specialists the Bike Insurer have brought in Grand Prix commentator and former Grand Prix rider Steve Parrish (pictured centre below, looking slightly apprehensive) to act as Bike Insurer Brand Ambassador.

With a degree of emphasis usually reserved for official denials that somebody is about to leave the company, Bike Insurer MD Geoffrey Bibby claims: “Steve is very much part of our team.”

Parrish’s brief could hardly be clearer: “The Bike Insurer team are looking forward to working closely with Steve using his skills and services to develop some very exciting possibilities for the forthcoming bike season.”

More specifically, “Steve will bring his motorcycle knowledge and expertise to The Bike Insurer to help develop, innovate and build a new era for motorcycle insurance.”

If you absolutely insist on reading an even more detailed and precise version of this story, you can attempt to do so here.

So that’s where they keep it!


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