To the list of social ills unleashed by sky-high motor insurance premiums for young drivers must now be added impelling Britain’s previously blameless youth to the desperate recourse of dealing drugs to fund its toxic infatuation with motorised transport.

Latest victim of this vicious trend, according to unimpeachable North East journal of record The Stockton Gazette, was unfortunate young Teesider Jamie O’Hare who was forced to sell cannabis with his cousin (it was all his idea, apparently) to raise money for his sky-high motor insurance premium. Some greedy motor insurer out there must be feeling pretty bad now!

“They aren’t speaking at the moment,” observed O’Hara’s barrister Nigel Stoppitt astutely as the youngsters sat silently in the dock at Teesside Crown Court earlier this month, prior to being convicted for supplying some Class B drugs and possessing some more with intent to supply.

There’s probably not much a person can say when 13.96g of cannabis with a “street” value of £279 has been found round your place in 17 foil packages along with a damning collection of text messages on your mobile.

Apart, obviously, from “Insurance made me do it!”


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