One in four ‘would break the law’, the Daily Telegraph reported poetically this week, to save their kids paying sky-high motor insurance premiums. That’s the one in four’s kids, btw, not the offspring of the Telegraph editorial staff. Although there could potentially be some overlap in practice. Idle (and possibly libelous) to speculate, really.

According to startling new research carried out by comparisonators, one in 7.14 parents have “illegally insured their children to drive by pretending to be the main driver” whilst a further one in 7.7 said they would, and another one in 6.66 “would consider doing so.”

Don’t they realise they are “fronting”, “which is illegal”? Possibly not. One in four said they thought it was perfectly above board, while a further one in three maintained staunchly that they “didn’t know” whether it was legal or not. Didn’t care, more like!

“Ignorance may be bliss to motorists who think ‘fronting’ is a legitimate way to reduce the cost of motoring for their family and stay on the right side of the law,” commented Peter Harrison, car insurance expert at, whilst suggesting that “there are certainly much better ways to save on the cost of car insurance for younger drivers.”

Maybe they could try that shopping-around idea that confused Garth Klot came up with.


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