Brokers attending this year’s BIBA conference in Manchester City may wish to avail themselves of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to catch a glimpse or possibly even get within touching distance of RSA chief exec Simon Lee.

In a dramatic populace-pleasing move, the exalted Lee has announced his intention of descending briefly from the lofty realms of corporate strategy (and/or wondering whether and how he can get his hands on Uvavu’s GI bits) and pass amongst the crowds at BIBA.

Where many CEOs would surely turn their noses up at the prospect of close contact with regional brokers and other such unsavoury types, Lee told Insurance Times this week that he feels “he can justify the time he spends shaking hands because of its importance to the business.”

“Has he not got better things to do?” you may ask, quite literally askance. Well, of course he has! “There is no shortage of things coming across my desk,” he concedes, going on to insist, however, that “meeting customers and brokers is one of my priorities.”

“This is a relationship business,” he concludes, suggesting he may well have read the fascinating yellow advertorial stapled round last week’s Insurance Times by current takeover targets Uvavu. There’s an idea that’s catching on!


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