As the news-mangling arm of a company specialising in insurance claims, Bankstone News naturally finds the subject of claims quite irresistibly enthralling. Get us on to the subject at a social gathering, and we guarantee you’ll be sincerely sorry. Unless, of course, you happen to share our strange obsession. In which case, perhaps we should get together sometime.

We do, of course, recognise that not everyone finds claims so endlessly fascinating, but it seems as if – just possibly – the “claims thing” is starting to catch on. How else can you explain the extraordinary recent popularity of events like the UK Claims Excellence Awards, which convened for a second triumphant year at some big hotel on London’s prestigious Pork Lane this week?

Insurance Times publishing director Shân Vanillie was literally not exaggerating when she argued that this year’s event was “in some ways even more special than our first.” A sea of expectant rapturous faces stretching out before her radiated silent confirmation. “Looking around this room,” she continued, caught up, no doubt, in the transcendent ‘claimsishness’ of the moment, “it’s clear that the Claims Excellence Awards have earned their place on your priority list again this year.” Cue rapturous applause and collective claimsgasm.

The more one sees of this kind of thing, the harder it is to understand how some people still don’t get it. There remain those, however, who see the accolade of Outstanding Insurer Claims Individual of the Year as somewhat akin to Accounting or Trainspotting Personality of the Year. Not us! Bankstone News salutes AXA’s Graham Plums who tasted the sweet fruits of success when he picked up this choice accolade on Wednesday – along with Lockyer’s Jon Narwhal and Hastings’ Spike Lee who bagged the corresponding awards in the broking section, in the commercial and personal lines areas respectively.

There were other winners aplenty, but Bankstone News is beginning to find this all just slightly too arousing and really needs to calm down a bit. It’s probably best if we refer you to Insurance Times if you want to find out more and just lie down somewhere quiet for a while.


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